Miesner Media

What We Do

Miesner Media offers three primary pillars of service: Production, Post Production, and Computer Generated Imagery. All you need to do is provide the idea and we can do the rest. Anything from editing existing material into something engaging and shareable to creating your next big sci fi commercial we can handle it and make it look (and feel) easy.


Cinematography/Camera Department

Our Nashville based team is always primed and ready to turn photons into pixels. We provide full service production that can scale and plug into whatever you need. Anything from talking heads to prime time commercials our intimate understanding of the entire production pipeline will make your project not only beautiful to behold, but completely stress free.


Post Production

More content than ever is being recorded, but how do those clips turn into a story? Miesner Media's full service post production suite works magic with everything from iphone footage to 8k RED HDR and beyond. Editing, color grading, audio sweetening, and invisible effects. The complete package to turn your stunning footage into a captivating film.


Computer Generated Imagry

For the projects where those pesky laws of nature prevent your idea from manifesting in the real world Miesner Media can help out. We employ artists from across the globe to bring the very best of this highly specialized field to your project.  Whether its for visual effects, motion graphics, or full 3d scenes we offer a limitless space for your creativity to manifest.

Demo Reel

This demo reel is a small sampling of some of our work. We are working on getting department specific reels compiled, so check back for more cool stuff coming soon!

Where We Excel

Miesner Media is a production company built to increase the production capacity of agencies and production companies. We love working with creative people to translate their grand visions into a complete and beautiful video. Our mastery of the ever evolving technical aspects of film making, especially in post production, ensures that you only have to concentrate on your art while we take care of the rest. 

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