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The Beauty LUTs pack was designed with fashion and particularly feminine skin tones in mind. Though the advanced features of the 3D LUT creator software we were able to use tools outside of the typical colorist’s arsenal to deliver 50 truly exceptional looks.

This pack is till in the “soft release” stage. The LUTs are finalized, but more promos and examples are still in the works. Enjoy 15% off the final price of $49.99 during this stage.

SwissLUTs Promo Photo2.jpg

99 Professional color grades at your fingertips: instantly excellent.

The Swiss LUT (look up table) pack is the premiere look development kit created by Miesner Media with 99 finish ready grades bundled together for the sole purpose of making your footage sing.

These grades are able to be applied on their own or after a primary correction. A LUT workflow like this can be used in any professional color application available such as: Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, After Effects, Photoshop, and many many more.

Give them a try today and see just how good your next project can look.

Chain LUTs Free


Here are some great little LUTs inspired by the Chainsmokers "Closer" video. These ended up really nice and now you can have them for free! Who doesn't love Free LUTs? Enjoy ;)

Just in case you're interested, here is the tutorial where we made one of them:



4096 (4.6k)

Miesner Media’s Atmospheres pack is created for artists who need to quickly add smoke and particle effects to their compositions. Motion graphics, music videos, commercials, posters, everything is fair game with these ultra high quality clips. Captured in house at Miesner Media’s Spaceship 05 studio in Nashville, TN with cinema quality cameras and lenses these atmospheric elements are suitable for even the most demanding projects.

Download full resolution 4.6k clips for maximum quality or get the 1080 pack as a budget option. Still not sure? We created a 720p version that can be downloaded for free!

With a version for every creator and every budget there’s no reason not do download the Miesner Media Atmospheres pack now and start making cool stuff! Enjoy ;)

4k Promo Picture.jpg

Now you can have sweet optical artifacts like lens flares, bokeh, without having to have have sweet lenses or expensive lights! The lens junk pack is full of great elements captured in glorious 4k using real light sources, and vintage lenses and some less traditional optics (including tin foil, canola oil, a magnifying glass, and other bits and bobs). With 86 unique elements this pack is ideal for screening or overlaying on your footage to give it that extra je ne sais quoi to make your film that much more special (also try them for fast easy mograph mojo). 

Lens Junk 4k comes in both Prores and H.264 flavors, so no matter what your workflow, we have you covered :) This pack is about 75 gigabytes total (split up in to 4GB RARs to make things easier) So download now and start making cool stuff. (If the file size is too big the H.264 versions are very high quality and only 6 GB total.)

Don't need 4k? Then check out the 1080p version. Same great elements, just in a lighter resolution. The 1080p version includes both Prores and h.264 and is a download of just over 19 gigabytes. 



Light leaks are a trendy way to spice up bland footage, add an extra punch to your motion graphics, as well as just make your life easier, and your stuff cooler.

"I personally use these on a daily basis as a way to add value with close to no extra work on my end. Every time I use them clients comment about how great the 'lighting' looks. Trust me, its worth a download."


This light leak pack was all recorded in house and has been shopped around to, and tested by our friends (and approved). This pack has been used in music videos, commercials, motion graphics, and even educational content. With just over 30 gigs of leaky goodness you are sure to have some serious fun with this stock footage pack!

The pack is divided into two main categories: "Overlays" & "Transitions". Each of those has two subcategories: "Quiet" & "Loud". Overlays are meant to be, surprisingly enough, overlaid  (really "screen" works best) on footage for an extended time, whilst the transitions are great for overlaying on edit points. The "Quiet" looks are have less contrast and saturation which is better for subtle effects and the "Loud" looks are very punchy and saturated, great for really adding that wow factor your clients crave!

There are also ProRes HQ and H.264 versions available. Both contain all the light leaks, so you can download either/both depending on your delivery/bandwidth requirements/needs.


Your film can look like others don't dare to imagine. The House LUTs Pack encourages creative grading that will set your project apart from the "orange teal" look that cliches cling to, and actually speed up your workflow in the process.

These LUTs are pulled from real world projects as well as experimental look building. 100% developed in house to make our grades faster, more unique, and more fun. 

The House LUT Pack has both Rec709 (standard DSLR color space) and Log (standard cinema camera color space) versions of the LUTs so you can use easily use them on any and all footage that comes your way. 

Check out why Theo loves LUTs:


A simple setup to get a nice particle transition in Fusion. If it feels slow try disabling motion blur. It's free to play around with, and if ends up saving you time in a project feel free to kick in a "burrito fund" donation ;)


Just drag this into your macros folder and you are on your way to making trendy infinite shadow graphics!



Here is a great FREE texture pack great for graphic design, photo editing, or any number of other fun textury activities. Enjoy!

Simple False Color LUT


This is a VERY basic false color LUT for you to play around with. I would recommend going out and getting the full false color plugin from https://timeinpixels.com?ref=1... where you can use the promo code "Theo" for 15% off.